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A woman accessorizes to look beautiful. 

About me

It is my life mission to take my family business forward to greater heights …

Born on 2nd June 1984 in a small town called Vrindavan which everyone remembers as Krishna ki nahi, parents shifted to Delhi when I was two years old. I did my schooling from Universal Public School in science stream and graduation in B Sc from Gargi college, DU, South Campus. We are three sisters and my father is a jeweler. Our family is in this business since ages. 

I took Science stream because of my passion for biology but something was always bothering me as to what will happen to my fathers business after we all sisters get married. There will be no one to carry his name. Then I joined MBA. But again a turnaround came and I got married and the same question was still troubling me that what will happen to his business. 

So in the year 2018, I started my own business of imitation jewellery or what is called today as fashion jewellery.  This thing is so much of a trend today. My future, I want my work and Kanika Gupta to grow bigger along with taking care of my two little Angels and prove to my father that I am worthy enough to take his business forward. 

Going forward I realised that I have a knack for setting up a room. Out of this talent came my second venture, Ashray Decor. 

Welcome to The Alternate world of jewellery

Jewellery can be used on any occasion. When you need to flaunt your style without the heavy load on your pockets, artificial jewellery comes to your rescue. I am an expert in all kinds of imitation jewellery.